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Kawai CA95… the ultimate piano experience

The Concert Artist series will transform all notions of how good digital pianos can be. From the latest in sound technology and action design, to its innovative Soundboard Speaker System, the CA95 captures the essence of playing a fine concert grand piano.

                       Main Features

*  Grand Feel (GF) Wooden-Key Action with Let-     off and Ivory Feel Keys

*  Harmonic Imaging XL Sound Technology with     88-key Piano Sampling

*  USB Audio – Play/Rec MP3 and WAV Files  USB     to Device & USB to Host

*  80 Premium Instrument & Vocal Sounds

*  256 Polyphony (max.)

*  Built-in Practice Exercises and Lesson  Songs

*  Grand Feel Pedal System

*  Concert Magic and Hymn Player Functions

*  Built-in Classical Music – 2 hrs.

*  Soundboard Speaker System

               AWARDS & RECOGNITION

* Top Digital Piano - Solo Magazine

* 2012 Digital Home keyboard of the Year -MMR

* Good Design Award - Japan Inst. Design Prom

* Best in class _ Keyboard Magazine Europe

    Plus many more awards…